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Meet & Greet 

This is an optional FREE consultation. This is our chance to meet, answer any questions, and discuss treatment goals and expectations. 

This is a great option for all new patients, even if you have received osteopathic treatment in the past. As a classically trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, my treatments and philosophy may be different from your previous experiences.


There will be no hands-on treatment in this session.


Free consultation is optional! 

Length - 20mins

Initial Assessment & Treatment

Initial assessment and treatment will include a review of health history, a full body assessment, and a general treatment. 

A general treatment introduces your body to osteopathic treatment. Your bodies response to this first treatment helps us to gauge your health so we can apply appropriate treatment moving forward. 

Length: 50 minutes

Follow-Up Appointment

Each follow-up appointment will have a brief health review, an assessment, and a treatment. 

The body is a dynamic unit of function, meaning each time you come in, your body will be different from the time before, so we always reassess.

Length: 25-40 mins depending on what your body needs that day

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